Leadership - 8 Steps That Will Elevate Your Team

8 Steps That Will Elevate Your Teams

Identify Trouble Before It Starts

 Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description:

This course is designed to help you differentiate your practice from the crowd.  This program will enable practice leaders to develop their team, teach problem solving skills, and improve patient satisfaction.  Learn how to give your team unique skills that will allow them to resolve issues, prevent problems and connect with your patients.  Each attendee will receive guidance on how to evaluate the strengths and challenges of each team member.


Learning Objective:

After completing this course attendees will:

Learn to develop the problem-solving skills of their team members

Improve their communication skills

Understand how to get their own best performance from their team


Needs Assessment:

Leaders looking to grow and develop their team and those hoping to delegate more conflict resolution and distribute the task of problem solving.


Length of workshop: 1 hour


Audience: Leadership


Approved CE: ABO, AOA - pending