Leadership - Delegation – How to Work SMARTER

Delegation - Work SMARTER Not Harder

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description: 

Your greatest asset is your team.  Your biggest headaches can be caused by…your team.  How can you inspire, set realistic goals, and understand how to create and keep a positive workplace? 

This course will help you to understand how to share the duties and responsibilities with your team.  You will walk through methods to establish goals and objectives, set performance standards, develop job descriptions and performance appraisals.  You will learn which tasks to never delegate and, ultimately how this all impacts the practice economics.


Learning Objective: 

After completing this program attendees will:

Understand how to set goals for staff members 

Develop effective systems for performance evaluation

Development others 

Improve confidence in the team

Have the ability to retain staff   

Understand how to create a positive work environment

Know how to get the best performance from each staff member


Needs Assessment:

Practices re-evaluating procedures, wishing to improve economics and staff morale.

Length of workshop: 2  hours

Audience: Managers, Practice Leaders, Doctors

Approved CE: ABO, AOA, COPE