Leadership - Staff Development - Hire, Train, Retain

Staff Development 

Hire Them, Train Them…Retain Them

Reaping the Benefits of Your Hard Work

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description: 

We’ve all experienced the loss of our best employee and struggled to understand why they left. This course will give practice leaders the skills needed to develop their team members, keep them motivated, and minimize turnover.  Staff morale will improve and so will productivity and profits.  We will walk through the steps necessary to achieve this goal and you will walk a way with tools to succeed.


Learning Objective: 

            After completion of this course, the attendees will understand:

            How to motivate and retain staff and improve patient satisfaction

            How to set expectations and goals that will keep their team focused

            How to create a positive work environment and get the best performance from each staff member


Needs Assessment:  Practices with too much staff turnover, unhappy staff, low staff morale, low patient satisfaction

Length of workshop: 1 hour

Audience: Manager, Practice Leaders, Doctors

Approved CE: ABO, AOA