Leadership - Top 10 Traits of a Great Leader

Top 10 Traits of a Great Leader

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description:

What makes a great leader?  It may mean different things to different people, sometimes it’s difficult to define.  But most of us have encountered that boss, teacher, or mentor that changed our lives.  This program will give you the ability to create a style of leadership that will change people’s lives.  


Learning Objective:

After completing this course, attendees will:

Learn essentials skills they must possess or develop to be a leader

Understand how leading the team benefits the team

Learn how to accept responsibility

Understand how to assign accountability with positive results


Needs Assessment:

All leaders who want to improve achieve success with their team.

Length of workshop: 1 Hour

Audience: Managers, Practice Leaders, Supervisors

Approved CE: ABO, AOA