Optical Crosses – I Don’t Get It

Optical Crosses - I Don’t Get It!

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description

How can you tell if your patient’s lenses will work in their frame.  Do you guess?  Have you ever guessed wrong and had awful results?   Take the time to learn the basic math steps and avoid any problems in the future.  How can you be confident if you don’t understand this basic step?  We’re here to help.  Those who complete this course will learn math that will enable them to assess prescriptions with confidence.


Learning Objective: 

After completing this course attendees will:

Understand prescriptions

Have the ability to determine prescription and frame relationships

Increase their confidence working with difficult prescriptions

Improve their comfort level working with all patients  

Increase sales


Needs Assessment: 

New and experienced staff members wishing to improve their skills.

Length of workshop: 1 hour

Audience: Paraoptometrics, Opticians

Approved CE: ABO, AOA