Leadership -Building A Strong Team - 1 hour

Building A Strong Team

“Coach, Lead, Succeed”

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description: 

Confident in your skills?  Want to take them up to a whole new level?  Are you willing to do the real work to create a team?  What’s needed to have people perform at their full potential?  Can you identify those magic staff members who love to learn new things and become thrilled with the idea of being challenged to grab onto innovative ideas?  Can you develop and harness staff skills while helping your whole team improve morale?    


Learning Objective: 

Completion of the course will enable leaders to:

Mentor and develop team members

Impact long-term practice growth

Increase practice productivity

Improve team attitudes

Create a positive workplace

Learn how to evaluate and improve skills and abilities in team members. 


Needs Assessment:

            Practices needing to adapt to current changes in the market place.


Length of program: 1 hour


Audience: Managers, Practice Leaders, Doctors, Senior Staff

Approved CE: ABO,  AOA